July 24, 2007

The Death of Journalism - Media Day 2007

So I’m listening to the only alternative to Boston Red Sox talk and the O’Riley factor on the way home…and what do I catch? Of course you’d be foolish if your guess didn’t involve ½ of the Omaha evening sports drive radio personalities (the two sports radio stations are tied for last for both sucking) talking to Missouri Junior Tight End Chase Coffman. Now, being a Missouri fan second, and an experts of all things Anti-Husker first, I knew what question was coming next from KETV”s Mike’l Severe, “So what was going on in that Youtube clip when your quarterback was messing with his nose?”

Are you kidding me?

This is what passes for hard-hitting sports talk in this town. Nevermind they did play snippets of various coaches…they went on and on about how “confident” Bill Callahan looked yesterday, but I expect that. But back to booger smack? I’m nearly speechless. I mean, I knew how lame many of you people were…I hear from you every single day. But for a professional journalist from Omaha to ask that of a player? I’d be shocked if it wasn’t so expected.

So what else did we learn from media day? (Besides the fact that Omaha media members are so unprofessional and painfully lame) Well the same damn things we hear every media day.

- Mike Leach is a yokel.
- Ron Prince stole your QB
- Iowa State is rebuilding
- Baylor still sucks
- Bo Ruud is this generation’s Dick Butkis
- Bill Callahan is smarter than anybody there.
- Gary Pinkel sounds like an idiot.
- Mack Brown is an “inferior coach” (but has a National Title under his belt)
- And every player is “ready for the season” has “worked hard this summer” blah blah blah blah.

If you really want to spice up media day, why doesn’t Mike’l Severe, Tom Shatel and the like ask what they’re REALLY thinking of Bill Callahan and Gary Pinkel. “Can you believe the media didn’t pick the Huskers to win the north?”

Aren’t you idiots part of the media?

Why not ask Martin Rucker what HE thought of Chase Daniel picking hi nose? (Oh wait, they did that too).

Anyhow, I think I submit this post every media day, and every media day it gets worse. Ah well. I’m a day or two away from throwing out my annual Big 12 North preview. Those of you new to the blog may find it controversial, but I’m sure you’ll find it extremely informative and thought provoking. Perhaps I can do my own interview with the Husker coaching staff and ask Bill Callahan what Mo Purify’s favorite brand of beer is? (Don’t roll your eyes, it’s more prudent than 4th grade booger talk)

Finally, props to NU OMIC (Old Man in Charge) Harvey Pearlman for feeding the rest of us a nice 5-year extension to making fun of Steve Pederson. I’d hate to see what life would be like with a Husker Athletic Director who wasn’t as self-indulgent and myopic as you idiots. The best part is..many of you actually think the rest of the Big 12 is WORRIED about this development. (One of my asshole friends actually had the gaul to text that to me). Yes, I’m worried he’ll print up a giant flyer again and make his fans send him a thank you note for “being right all along.” Who knew losing 5 games and pissing away your dignity in front of the world was the question at hand?

I for one applaud old man Pearlman for giving me another five years of material in which to make fun of you.

We’re coming down the home stretch of the off-season. Things are only going to get more interesting from here out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare my next post which will consist of a sit-down interview with JC Keller where we discuss hard-hitting topics like dick jokes and being able to belch your name.


Blogger Husker Mike said...

I could only chuckle at the thought of seeing the smoke come out your ears when they brought up BoogerGate. I get the feeling that while Daniel's teammates will stand up for him in public, he took a lot of abuse in the locker room over that...

12:38 PM  

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